April 24-26 Weather Outlook for Weekend Games

Here’s an updated look at this weekends games!
Remember the code… green means problems unlikely, orange means problems are possible, and red means problems are likely. Problems could be anything from a rain delay to postponement for any game in the series.

New York @ Boston: FSday Sunday Night
Washington @ New York: FSday
Texas @ Baltimore: FS

The nicest stretch of springtime weather will great players and fans
this weekend, as widespread sunshine and a significant warm up are
expected. Daytime games Saturday and Sunday could see temperatures in
low or even mid 80s in New York, and perhaps even into the low 80s in
Boston Saturday. Nighttime affairs will see temps back into the 60s all
three nights (except upper 50s on Friday night). Perfect early
summer-like weather.

Minnesota @ Cleveland: FS
Atlanta @ Cincinnati: FSday

Great weather is also expected here for the weekend. Nighttime temps on
Friday will be in the upper 50s to low 60s in Cleveland and low 60s or
better in Cincinnati. Saturday night will be in the mid 60s in
Cleveland. Saturday and Sunday afternoons will be splendid. Expect low
to mid 80s Saturday in Cincy and low 80s Sunday in both cities.

Philly @ Florida: FS
Florida weather expected, with nothing more than a couple showers and
warm temperatures. Best chance for any showers would be on Sunday.

Milwaukee @ Houston: FS
looks likely that the roof could stay open, but humidity will be
slightly uncomfortable at times. Highs will be in the 80s, with
sunshine for the weekend.

Chicago @ St. Louis: FSday
Toronto @ Chicago: FS

I’m not seeing any problems for Friday or Saturday. However, I would
keep a watchful eye on Sunday. As a cold front begins to approach the
area, it could set off some showers or storms, beginning in the early
afternoon. Delays wouldn’t be out of the question if this happens, but
experience would suggest that the system moves slower than forecasted,
thus preventing any problems. But stay tuned. Nighttime temps in the
60s, with daytime highs in the low 80s, perhaps mid 80s Saturday in St.

Detroit @ KC: FS

situation here is about on par with St. Louis and Chicago. However,
given that Kansas City is further west, they do have better odds at
being closer to the system that will bring scattered showers and
thunderstorms, primarily on Sunday to the Plains. Keep an eye on this
one as we get closer Temperatures should hold firm in the 60s for night
games, perhaps low 70s at First Pitch, and upper 70s to low 80s
depending on how much cloud cover there is, on Sunday.

LAD @ Colorado: FS
a couple showers possible here. Game temps generally in the 50s Friday,
50s falling to the 40s Saturday and low to mid 60s Sunday afternoon.

San Fran @ Arizona: FS
would assume they could keep the roof open for this one. Temps in the
70s and 60s Friday and Saturday, with highs only in the mid 80s on
Sunday. It should be clear. Only concern could be some excessive wind
at times, especially Friday night and/or Saturday night. 

Pittsburgh @ San Diego: FS

clouds and patchy fog will be the rule Friday and Saturday nights. Some
patchy drizzle isn’t out of the question. Temperatures will be cooler
than they have been recently. Nighttime readings in the upper 50s to
low 60s and daytime highs only in the low to mid 60s. Some sun is
likely Sunday.

Seattle @ LAA
: FS

cloud and/or fog/drizzle could be a fixture Friday night. Some gustier
winds and clearing is likely to take place Saturday, with cooler than
normal weather (upper 60s) expected Sunday in Anaheim. Nighttime
temperatures will generally be in the low 60s Friday and Saturday

Tampa @ Oakland: FSday

this point, any weather system will likely be far enough inland to
prevent anything more than just a chance of showers in the Bay Area.
Temperatures will be cool though. Expect low to mid 50s Friday night,
and low to mid 60s for the afternoon games.

Weather Outlook for Games of April 20-26

for the lack of posts lately. We’ll try and get back on a regular
Sunday evening posting schedule, with updates as time allows during the
week. Here’s a look at the upcoming games for the week of Monday, April
20th! Be sure to check out any updates in the comments section.

Minnesota @ Boston TW
moves in Monday night but should be over (other than a few showers)
with by Tuesday evening for first pitch. Scattered showers may develop
Wednesday afternoon and be around for the early innings Wednesday
night, but no rain outs expected. Temps low 50s Tuesday and upper 40s
to low 50s Wednesday.

Oakland @ Yankees MTWday
likely for Monday’s game, likely leading to a delay or postponement. A
few showers around both Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon, but
likely no prolems expected. Temps will be low 50s Tuesday night and mid
to upper 50s Wednesday.

Milwaukee @ Philly TWThday
showers will be in the area Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, but nothing
to delay the game. Thursday should be quite pleasant. Temperatures will
drop from the low 50s into the 40s Tuesday and Wednesday nights, with
Wednesday being the coolest. Thursday will see highs in the upper 50s
to low 60s, with sunshine.

Chicago @ Baltimore TWTh
few showers will be around Tuesday and Wednesday, but otherwise, it
should be just cool with some clouds. No game interruptions expected.
Temperatures will range from the low 50s Tuesday to the low 50s or
upper 40s Wednesday and Thursday.

Atlanta @ Washington MTW
of the rain should be over by gametime Monday, but damage will likely
be done. Few showers Tuesday…partly cloudy Wednesday. Temps on Monday
would be low to mid 50s. Tuesday will be low 50s, and Wednesday will
drop from the 50s into the 40s.

Florida @ Pittsburgh MTWday
should end by gametime Monday, but scattered showers will remain
through Wednesday. Temperatures on Monday night will be in the 40s,
Tuesday night in the low 40s and Wednesday, only in the mid or upper

KC @ Cleveland TWThday
to Pittsburgh with scattered showers on Tuesday, partial cloudiness
Wednesday and improvement Thursday. Temperatures will drop into the
upper 30s Tuesday, with a few wet snowflakes even possible. Wednesday
night will see low to mid 40s, dropping perhaps into the upper 30s.
Thursday will be milder with mid, perhaps upper 50s.

Texas @ Toronto TWTh

Cincinnati @ Chicago TWThday
pleasant, but should not have major issues. Tuesday will feature
lingering rain and snow showers, likely ending before first pitch.
Wednesday should be dry and milder. Thursday should be the best day for
baseball, with lots of sunshine. Temperatures will be in the 30s
Tuesday night and 40s Wednesday night. Thursday will be a great day,
with upper 60s to low 70s likely.

New York @ St. Louis TWThday
problems expected this week in St. Louis. Temperatures will back into
the 40s for Tuesday night. Wednesday night will be a bit milder with
mid or upper 50s for much of the game. Thursday will be fantastic, with
mid to upper 70s and sunshine.

LAD @ Houston TWTh

Colorado @ Arizona MTWday

Detroit @ LAA TWTh
problems in Anaheim this week. Tuesday will be the end of a western
heat wave, with temperatures perhaps in the 80s at the start of the
game, dropping into the 60s by the end. Wednesday will be cooler, with
perhaps low 70s at best for first pitch, followed by 60s. Thursday will
be the coolest night, with 60s and perhaps upper 50s in the later
innings. Some fog is possible on Wednesday or Thursday nights.

San Diego @ San Francisco TWday
problems in the Bay Area for this one. Clear skies on Tuesday night and
sunshine for Wednesday. Temperatures will range from the low 60s and
upper 50s on Tuesday night at the tail end of a hot spell, to the mid
or upper 60s Wednesday and light breezes.

Tampa @ Seattle TWThday

Looking Ahead….(all Sunday games are afternoon, except NYY @ BOS)

New York @ Boston: FSday Sunday Night
weather expected, but a backdoor cold front could send temperatures
downward, especially Saturday afternoon and Sunday night. A few showers
would be possible with that as well.

Washington @ New York: FSday
to Boston’s forecast, but impacts from front should be minor.
Temperatures will likely be above normal, especially Saturday afternoon.

Texas @ Baltimore: FS
Mild conditions and generally dry weather anticipated.

Minnesota @ Cleveland: FS
won’t be far away, especially Saturday and Sunday, but in general, at
this point, there’s no reason to expect any trouble for any of the

Atlanta @ Cincinnati: FSday
Nice, mild days Friday and Saturday. Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon look good.

Philly @ Florida: FS
Typical florida weather expected, with nothing more than a couple showers and warm temperatures.

Milwaukee @ Houston: FS

Detroit @ KC: FS
weak front may pass through Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon and
touch off a few showers. At this juncture, it does not appear to be
well organized and is moisture starved. More significant weather should
hold off til next week.

Chicago @ St. Louis: FSday
Same as in KC, where a weak front may pass through. No issues are expected.

Toronto @ Chicago: FS
boundary will be draped somewhere across the northern Tier of the US,
but at this point, it appears to be far enough north of Chicago to
cause any problems.

LAD @ Colorado: FS
Aside from maybe a couple showers, no issues expected heading toward next weekend.

San Fran @ Arizona: FS

Seattle @ LAA: FS
Aside from perhaps some low clouds, fog and patchy drizzle, it should be cool, but ok for baseball.

Tampa @ Oakland: FSday
couple systems may cross into Central California, bringing some rain
with them, especially Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Temperatures
will be cool.

Pittsburgh @ San Diego: FS
sun and patchy fog will be the rule. The night games may have some fog
to contend with, but otherwise, it will be cool/calm.

Questions or comments? Post away!

More Coming Soon

Experiencing some PC issues as of late. I
should be back to normal tomorrow, and I’ll be previewing
next week’s weather situation for games sometime this
weekend. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if there’s
something you really want to see covered, please feel free to
comment, and I’ll work it in. Thanks!

Looking Ahead to This Weekend’s Series…

Welcome to Matt’s Baseball Weather Blog.

The goal of this will
be to provide forecast insights for the next 3-10 days, geared toward
specific upcoming baseball series, and how the weather may impact them.
Every few days, we’ll discuss various homestands and in simple terms
how the weather may play a role, via wind, rain, heat, etc. This should
be helpful from a couple of standpoints: Those planning trips to go see
games and those planning fantasy lineups for the week.

It is a work in progress and thoughts and comments will be appreciated.

Here’s a look at upcoming series for this weekend and how the weather may impact them:

Green – No problems anticipated
Black – Potential exists for one or more game(s) to have weather impacts
Red – Likely that one or more game(s) will be impacted by the weather

Texas @ Detroit – Friday’s game looks good, but heading into late Saturday night and Sunday, an impressive weather system may threaten either game, but more specifically Sunday.
Toronto @ Cleveland – The exact track of this system is still in question, but it is awfully close to being a rainout Friday afternoon. Rest of the weekend looks fine.
Chicago @ Milwaukee
New York @ Kansas City – While Friday’s game continues to look ok, Sunday’s storm is showing signs of moving in early, perhaps threatening the final game of the series. Still some uncertainty on timing, but it’s going to be close.
Philadelphia @ Colorado – Saturday night and Sunday look playable, as Denver may end up on the dry side of the storm that will cause problems further east and bring precipitation to the mountains.
Tampa @ Baltimore – A storm system will bring showers to the area late Friday night and Saturday morning. I’m fairly confident it won’t impact the games, but just keeping this in caution for one more day.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati –
are likely Friday night and perhaps into Saturday. While this may not
postpone any games, it will likely be enough to have some impact.

New York @ Florida –
looks good, but Saturday and Sunday may see typical South Florida
rains, some of which may be persistent enough to impact these matchups.

Washington @ Atlanta –
showers and storms on Friday evening may be enough to at least cause a
delay at the ballpark. Saturday and Sunday look good.
Minnesota @ Chicago – Adding this to the caution column, as a storm with plenty of moisture will pass just south of Chicago on Friday. There are signs that some of that will be in the South Side for the ballgame. Saturday and Sunday are smooth sailing though..
Houston @ St. Louis – Green lighting this today, as most of the rain looks to be gone for Friday night’s game, as well as for Saturday and Sunday.
Boston @ Anaheim –
Some showers Friday, but likely not enough to interfere.
Seattle at Oakland –
Scattered showers on Friday and perhaps Saturday, but should not interfere at all.
San Francisco at San Diego –
Green lighting this, but still watching for showers and cool conditions Friday and perhaps Saturday too.